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Maître de Conférences à l'UFR des Sciences et des Techniques

Contact details

Faculté des Sciences 2 rue de la Houssinière 44322 Nantes

0251125779 (n° interne : 455779)

Research topics

Microphytobenthos eco-physiology Solar-powered sea slugs

Activities / Resume


2006 - PhD (Ecology) University of Lisbon ( Portugal)

Thesis: Ecophysiology and spatial distribution of microphytobenthic biofilms.

1999 - Licenciatura (Biology) Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon, Portugal.

Published articles


Jesus, B., Rosa, P., Mouget, J.-L., Méléder, V., Launeau, P., Barillé , L. Spectral-radiometric analysis of taxonomically mixed microphytobenthic biofilms. Remote Sensing of Environment.DOI: 10.1016/j.rse.2013.08.040

Miguel C. Leal, Murray H. G. Munro, John W. Blunt, João Puga, Bruno Jesus, Ricardo Calado, Rui Rosa and Carolina Madeira (2013) Biogeography and biodiscovery hotspots of macroalgal marine natural products. Natural Products Report. DOI: 10.1039/C3NP70057

Ana C. Brito, Ismal Benyoucef, Bruno Jesus, Vanda Brotas, Pierre Gernez, Carlos Rafael Mendes, Patrick Launeau, Maria Peixe Dias, Laurent Barillé (2013) Seasonality of microphytobenthos revealed by remote-sensing in a South European estuary. Continental Shelf Research, 66: 83-91.

Cartaxana, P., Domingues, N., Cruz, S., Jesus, B., Laviale, M., Serôdio, J., Marques da Silva, J. (2013) Photoinhibition in benthic diatom assemblages under light stress. Aquatic Microbial Ecology, 70:87-92. doi:10.3354/ame01648

Duarte, P., Ramos, M., Calado, G., Jesus, B. (2013) Laminaria hyperborea photosynthesis-irradiance relationship measured by oxygen production and pulse-amplitude-modulated chlorophyll fluorometry. Aquatic Biology, 19:29-44.doi:10.3354/ab00515

Ribeiro L., Brotas V., Rincé Y., Jesus B. (2013) Structure and diversity of intertidal benthic diatom assemblages in contrasting shores: a case study from the Tagus estuary. Journal of Phycology. DOI: 10.1111/jpy.12031

Ventura, P., Calado, G., Jesus, B. (2013) Photosynthetic efficiency and kleptoplast pigment diversity in the sea slug Thuridilla hopei (Vérany, 1853). Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology. 441: 105-109.

Vieira, S., Ribeiro, L., Jesus, B., Cartaxana, P., Marques da Silva, J (2013) Photosynthesis Assessment in Microphytobenthos with Conventional and Imaging Pulse Amplitude Modulation Fluorometry. Photochemistry and Photobiology. 89: 97-102. DOI: 10.1111/j.1751-1097.2012.01224.x


Cartaxana, P., Ruivo, M., Hubas, C., Davidson, I., Serôdio, J., Jesus, B. (2011) Physiological versus behavioral photoprotection in intertidal epipelic and epipsammic benthic diatom communities. J Exp Biol Ecol.405:120-127.

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Jesus, B., Ventura, P., Calado, G. (2010) Behaviour and a functional xanthophyll cycle enhance photo-regulation mechanisms in the solar-powered sea slug Elysia timida (Risso, 1818). J Exp Biol Ecol. 395:98-105.

Perkins, R. G., Lavaud, J., Serôdio, J., Mouget, J. L., Cartaxana, P., Rosa, P., Barille, L., Brotas, V, Jesus, B.M. (2010) Vertical cell movement is a primary response of intertidal benthic biofilms to increasing light dose. Mar Ecol Prog Ser, 416:93-103. doi:10.3354/meps08787

Skov MW, Volkelt-Igoe M, Hawkins SJ, Jesus B, Thompson RC, Doncaster CP (2010) Past and present grazing boosts the photo-autotrophic biomass of biolms. Mar Ecol Prog Ser, 401:101-111.

2009 - 2001

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Book chapters

Perkins, R.G., Kromkamp, J.C., Serôdio, J., Lavaud, J., Jesus, B., Mouget, J.L., Lefebvre, S., Forster, R.M. (2010) The Application of Variable Chlorophyll Fluorescence to Microphytobenthic Biofilms. In: Chlorophyll a Fluorescence in Aquatic Sciences: Methods and Applications, Developments in Applied Phycology 4. Eds: Suggett, D.J., Práil, O., Borowitzka, M.A. Chapter 12. Springer Science + Business Media B.V.DOI 10.1007/978-90-481-9268-7_12.

Méléder,V., Launeau, P., Barillé, L., Combe, J-P., Carrère, V., Jesus, B., Verpoorter, Ch.(2010) Hyperspectral imaging for mapping microphytobenthos in coastal areas. In: Geomatic Solutions For Coastal Environments. Eds: Mohamed Maanan and Marc Robin, Chapter 4.

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