• Le 09 juin 2022 de 11:00 à 12:00
    Campus Lombarderie
    Amphi Pasteur (bât.2)
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Paul Venturelli, Associate Professor et Director of PhD in Environmental Sciences à Ball State University est actuellement présent au sein de l'Unité en Sciences Biologiques et Biotechnologies de Nantes (US2B / UMR C 6286). Il donnera un séminaire ouvert à toutes et tous le jeudi 9 juin, à 11h00, en Amphi Pasteur (bât.2, campus Lombarderie) : "How big data are being generated by and applied to recreational fishing".

How big data are being generated by and applied to recreational fishing.

Abstract: Fisheries science and management require data that are often difficult or impossible to collect at broad spatial and temporal scales. The ubiquity of both anglers and mobile devices is stimulating interest in angler self-reporting as a cheap alternative. In this presentation, I combine lessons learned from decades of angler diaries and fishing logbooks with a growing body of literature on the extent to which data from angler apps can inform fisheries management. Although there are valid concerns about the type and quality of data that can be obtained through citizen science (e.g., that it represents a non-probabilistic sample), it appears that self-reporting can generate usable fisheries data. I describe two novel applications of these data (the spread of invasive species and the response of freshwater game fishes to climate change) and show how it may be possible to combine these data with the latest fisheries science to develop a decision-support-tool regarding where to fish and whether to keep a fish.